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We're a new breed of business developer. Our focus is on accelerating time to value for businesses. From concept to implementation we have the tools and the people so we can help you get IT done right!

Tailored Software Development & Services

Technology can be wonderful when it provides value to your business. It should make your business more efficient, save you money, and improve your business.

Business software today is more complex than ever. There are many shrink-wrapped and open-source software packages available that provide good value. At AllStar we take the time to understand your business before recommending any technology. Once a thorough analysis is done, we may recommend an existing software package. We can assist you in installation, customization, integration and training for many of these products.

Customized for you

Why re-invent the wheel? Why start from scratch?

In the increasingly complex world we live in, software and systems have become more complex. Vendors advertise their products as 'one size fits all' packages and try to fit you into THEIR pattern. We are more practical than that. We understand that every business IS different and what works well for 'them' may not work well for 'us'. We help clients craft and customize solutions to their needs.

Custom(ized) software can be less expensive than equivalent shrink-wrapped software, both in initial cost and total cost of ownership. Since we take the time to understand your business, we'll present you with the best options which may include shrink-wrapped software. There is a wide array of high-quality, free, open-source software and software components making it cheaper and faster to develop custom applications.

Web Development

Many small businesses grow through personal relationships and referrals, and only use their web site as an online brochure. While this may be sufficient for some, most can do more. A web site should be an extension of your sales and marketing, your customer service, your order tracking and fulfillment system, your entire business.

Many modern software packages are written with a web-based interface. This allows your staff, partners, and customers to access the system from any location with an internet connection. AllStar specializes in web application development, web site design and development, web and online marketing.


AllStar IT develops custom software solutions and we are a strategic digital partner for our clients.

What does that mean?

We partner with clients to develop technology solutions, including mobile, web, ioT and cloud applications. AllStar IT works with clients to ensure these solutions are in line with the strategic goals of their organization. Additionally, we offer our clients an ongoing partner relationship to manage both the current technology needs of their business as well as future developments in the rapidly changing world of technology. AllStar IT and its related companies have been providing quality solutions that are cost effective to businesses, multinational organizations and start-up ventures since 2007.

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